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    We are a specialized company which produces and sells all kinds of bicycles. Our main products: MTB BIKE, URBAN BIKE, CH…

    Tianjin Fushengda Sports&Leisure Equipment Co.

    We are a specialized company which produces and sells all kinds of bicycles. Our main products: MTB BIKE, URBAN BIKE, CH…

        Talent is a combination of basic people and those that can be used by the enterprise. What are basic people? Those who have basic professional ethics and ethics, who are loyal to the enterprise, to the family, to themselves. What can be used for business? That is not only have the existing talent, but also continue to tap their potential to do a good job in business to the various tasks and ability to meet various challenges.

        The first thing an enterprise chooses for an employee is the basic human being. It manifests itself in the following aspects: It has the same high degree of discipline as a soldier and can be as tempting as believers to resist evil and other desires. Loyal to the family, loyal to the business. In short, a basic person is one who possesses the basic "virtue" and virtuelessness, and can not be reconciled with one another, such as the unscrupulous descendants of the family, rather than the children who become ruined and disgraceful, preferring to discard them as soon as possible.

        The staff team composed of basic people has the precondition of selecting useful talents from them. "Talent" can be divided into four categories: soldier, talent, handsome, seek talent, "soldier talent" is the front line workers, from quantitative change to qualitative change can be promoted to "will only", "will talent" is the enterprise intermediate Management team, so "will talent" can be jumped to "handsome talent", "Handsome talent" is the enterprise's senior management and decision-making. "Seeking talent" is a member of the enterprise in scientific research, market development, business management research, strategic research, policy and law research.

        The "soldiers talent" is the most grass-roots employee group in an enterprise. The key elements that can be manifested in such aspects as operation of workers, administration and logistics are labor, intelligence and energy, which ensure zero-defect work. Good job.

        "Talented" is the commander leading the "genius", and the only elements that can be expressed are the input of intelligence, energy and wisdom to ensure the success of the team under the jurisdiction of the government to complete the work with zero defects in an efficient manner. They not only organize the team to work efficiently and accurately .

        "Handsome talent" is the senior commander who leads the "will talent". The only elements that can be represented are intelligence, energy and wisdom, and accurate work is entrusted to the subordinates to do the following tasks: Finding the right job among the many options.

        "Seeking talent" is a relatively independent team of employees, but it is the brain of an enterprise, which influences and determines the future destiny of the enterprise. They do not have any relationship with other employees in governance and governance. Instead, they directly accept the leadership of "handsome talent" And use their research results to influence the thinking and decision-making of "handsome talent." The elements of its performance is to diagnose the current condition of the enterprise and explore the future direction of the enterprise, both: to provide valuable opinions for the selection of "handsome talent".

        Expensive and inexpensive talent, not with remuneration to reflect, but for the enterprise to create value and profit performance.

        If the company hires employees with the lowest salary, apparently hired cheap employees, and cheap will never appear in the commodity society, cheap labor means labor-intensive, in essence, brought to the business of high consumption, High rate of low rate, high waste, low efficiency, low level, low efficiency, low labor costs in exchange for the high cost of production and marketing process, with the high cost of manufacturing to make up for low-cost cheap labor, so the final high price The price hired cheap staff, which is most of the existing low-wage businesses can not be aware of the problem, these companies are actually the most expensive price hiring staff.

        Contrary to the most persuasive example is the sports world, the NBA star in the NBA and the Premier League, all of them are high price, indicating that it is too expensive talent, but they create the potential value and team profits far exceeded Why the clubs do not hire the lowest-paid player and why high-priced players determine the team's outcome because the cheapest player is the most expensive and he can not bring a sustained victory to the club and Brilliant, the most expensive player is the cheapest, he can bring victory to the team, bring the champion, bring profits.

        It is true that low and high salaries are determined on the basis of the employees' abilities, and no salaries are paid. That is a more serious mistake of the enterprises. 

        Fu Shengda to rely on talent as the basic motive force for the development of the company, respect talent as an important driver for the development of the company, employees and companies as the strategic development of the company's development orientation. Adhering to the "people-oriented, win-win cooperation," the concept of talent for all types of talent to provide the stage to display their talent and actively create a "happy work, results-oriented" talent growth environment and promote the common development of enterprises and employees, and employees share enterprise development results, Create excellence, share success!

        Staff is an important asset, because with them, Fosonda can go further.

        1, the concept of talent

        "Talent can be cultivated." What is "cultivating"? "Pei" is more concerned about him, but can not be concerned about every day, because a tree, water and more dead, water is less and die, how attention is also art. What is "support"? "Raising" is to give him a chance of failure, give him a chance of success, you have to look at, can not let him beating, can not let him breathe life. "

        2, the concept of employment

        "Any successful business is team-based, not personal heroism."

        Fusenda's leadership recognizes the strengths of others, understands their own shortcomings and needs help. The mentality of making up each other is very important, otherwise there will be grievances and conflicts, which is the key to the formation of the team.

        3, leaving only strategy

        Lend Alibaba four treasures: long-term attraction to executives; career and treatment to retain the middle; constant remuneration and welfare stability staff; injection staff emotional bank.

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