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  • Tianjin Fushengda Sports&Leisure Equipment Co.

    We are a specialized company which produces and sells all kinds of bicycles. Our main products: MTB BIKE, URBAN BIKE, CH…

    Tianjin Fushengda Sports&Leisure Equipment Co.

    We are a specialized company which produces and sells all kinds of bicycles. Our main products: MTB BIKE, URBAN BIKE, CH…

    Fosunnda is the youngest company to follow the trend of the times. After 14 years of unremitting efforts, finally from the most primitive micro-factory into a medium-sized enterprises. In this difficult course for Fushengda accumulated excellent corporate culture, created a unique corporate soul. This is Fu Shengda's precious spiritual wealth, is to promote the continuous development and expansion Fu Shengda motivation.

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    Today, in response to profound changes in the internal and external environment, Fosun Actively follows the new economic normal and implements the development concept of "innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing" proposed by the Central Government and upholds the principle of " Philosophy, "to keep the duty of doing business, demonstrate the dignity of the system, uphold the principle of honesty and trustworthiness" as a guideline, Fu Shengda corporate culture conducted a profound reflection and systematically combed, extensive solicitation of managers and employees on the basis of the opinion, formed a new Fu Shengda period of cultural ideas system.

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    The new Fu Shengda cultural concept system includes: mission, vision, values, philosophy of development and the five elements of the entrepreneurial spirit. Among them, the mission responds to the question, "Why do we exist?", Which shows that Fosunart shoulders the highest social responsibility and is the intrinsic driving force for Fosonda's sustainable development. The vision answers the question of "Where are we going?" The ideal blueprint for all Fosstar people to strive for is the pursuit that Fosunat must make in order to fulfill its solemn mission. The values answer the question of "what should we do", and it is the core of Fosinda culture that all Fosindah must believe together And always adhere to the values and basic beliefs; development philosophy is to answer the "What laws do we follow", is to guide the overall principles of operations management Fu Shengda is to carry out their mission, to achieve the vision and must follow the business philosophy; entrepreneurial spirit Answering the question of "what kind of inner attitude and behavior style should we have" is the team spirit and spirit that all Fostecians should possess and is an extension of Fosun's values in the ideological and behavioral aspects of employees.

    Fu Shengda concept system:






    Fu Shengda mission:

    Lead business progress for a better life

    This is the significance and motivation of Fosonda's existence as a commercial organization. It is also the responsibility and obligation Fosonda must assume. The enterprise mission and business progress and social development are closely linked together, expressed Fu Shengda in promoting civilization and progress throughout the community to seek business development value orientation, Fu Shengda people reflect the lofty pursuit.

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    Fosun 达 will play an exemplary role in the following four aspects to lead business progress:

    Adhere to business ethics, maintain market rules, lead a well-built business ecosystem;

    Transforming the mode of development, innovating business models and providing successful samples for Chinese enterprises;

    Perform social responsibilities, assume historical mission and work hard to repay the society with practical actions.

    Contribute business intelligence, share best practices, and provide a source of ideas for social progress.

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    Fushengda will work together with customers, employees, partners, society and the environment for a better life:

    Hand in hand with our customers to continuously create customer value through continuous improvement of customer expectations by providing quality products and services;

    Work hand in hand with employees through the protection of rights and humane care to help employees realize the value and enhance the happiness index of employees;

    To work together with partners to abide by business ethics, create a good business environment and create a new win-win cooperation;

    Join hands with society, join the public interest by promoting the mainstream value and promote the harmonious development of society by responding to national calls;

    To join hands with the environment, through the strict compliance with environmental laws and regulations, energy saving and emission reduction, the development of recycling economy and building a green ecological civilization.

    corporate vision

    Become a global trust and love of the global business

    Fourteen years of ups and downs in history, Foshengda conform to the trend of the times and historical trends, from top to bottom search, positive change, seize the opportunity and continuous transformation, the business has always maintained its vitality and established a good reputation and excellent reputation. In the new historical period, Fosheng took advantage of its situation and lofty ambitions, taking "becoming a globalized enterprise trusted and loved by the general public" as its ideal blueprint.

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    Public trust and love:

    Fosun not only makes its products and services favored and loved by its clients, but also makes its employees happy and proud. The company also actively fulfills its social responsibilities and is loved, recognized and appreciated by the public, and strives to become the target of peers and even enterprises. , For the community, the environment to create satisfactory value.

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    Global Business:

    With a vision of a globalized enterprise, Fosinda strives to become a big stage in international competition, allocate resources from a global perspective, expand its market, mature and confident and win business successes in a free and open economy. Fushengda's industries should strive to establish the industry leadership, have a world-class talent team, management level, operational efficiency, corporate culture and product brands, the establishment of international competitiveness, to achieve global development.


    Honest and trustworthy, performance-oriented, people-oriented, innovation and development

    Honest and trustworthy are the core values of Fosonda and the foundation of Fosheng's founding mission. Fulfillment orientation is the support for Fosonda's development and growth. People-oriented is the aim of Fosinda's value creation. Innovation and development are the driving forces for Fosonda to meet the challenge.

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    Loyalty, patriotism, fairness and justice, fear of law and discipline, respect for the system, adhere to the law and moral bottom line.

    Abide by the spirit of business ethics and contract, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of stakeholders, keep their promises, and get together.

    Advocacy sincere and candid interpersonal communication, not only the upper, not arbitrary, to build a simple and transparent management atmosphere.

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    As a commercial organization, Fosun Performance is the lifeblood of the survival and development of enterprises. It must persist in competing with strength, seeking returns and using performance to continuously create value for the society.

    Fosun stressed the "goodness" of performance, performance is not only reflected in the scale of operation, the speed of development, but also reflected in the ability to enhance the organization, management innovation, as well as outstanding personnel training and other aspects, is a comprehensive, balanced, High-quality performance. The company is located in:

    No growth of the business is not a good business, the performance of the team is not a good team. Performance is Fu Shengda election, employment, appraisers, motivators of the important criteria.

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    people oriented:

    Respect people's value, develop people's potential, sublimate people's heart, love and treat employees from the aspects of life, emotion and growth, build a platform for value realization for employees, and share the fruits of development.

    Conform to and meet the reasonable needs of human nature, advocate a positive, green and healthy lifestyle, to provide customers with quality products and services.

    Grateful and humbly act, emphasizing balanced and sustainable development, the pursuit of win-win multi-cooperation and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature and society.

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    Innovation and development:

    Vigorously cultivate innovation system, improve the incentive mechanism, restraint mechanism and fault tolerance mechanism, create an open and inclusive atmosphere, and continuously enhance innovation ability.

    Timely response, take the initiative to change. Adhere to customer-oriented, the courage to subvert themselves and continue to seek business models, technology, management, products and services of a new breakthrough.

    Encourage innovative thinking, insist on continuous learning, good at drawing on advanced models, experiences and methods, to achieve innovation at the grassroots level, innovation in the post, all for innovation, full of innovation.

    Development concept

    Realistic, stronger, bigger, well, longer (5M principle)

    In response to the new economic normal, Fostec needs to actively change its mode of development and achieve its connotative growth. To this end, Foshengda requires units at all levels to work hard to achieve the goal of "implementing, strengthening, expanding, doing well and making progress" through innovation-driven, structural optimization, industrial upgrading, upgrading of products and service quality, improvement of efficiency and efficiency, The development concept.

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    In fact, Fu Shengda An life-oriented, stronger is bigger basis. Whether it be a real, a stronger or a bigger one, the core factor should be based on efforts to meet the needs of stakeholders, continue to create value and enhance efficiency and efficiency. Good relationship with the customer's approval, social respect, the image of the establishment, is a strong external manifestation. The fundamental purpose of "implementing, strengthening, expanding and doing a good job" is to achieve "long-term development." All the work must be guided by this, laying a solid foundation for "making progress", establishing a mechanism and creating an environment so as to ensure sustainable development.

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    Make sure the good faith commitment to the stakeholders and hold the bottom line according to the laws and regulations; implement the system of basic management and control, implement the system culture and achieve the standardization, transparency and specialization of management and decision-making; and real business model to enhance the quality and efficiency of development.

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    Outperformed peers in key technical and economic indicators, return on capital, operational efficiency, product competitiveness, brand influence and capital market position, leading the industry in progress. Not only to achieve the overall level in the business sector is good, but also to do business each project under the plate, each company can achieve the industry's excellent level.

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    At the same time as it is stronger, it strives to achieve the industry's leading level in terms of scale of operation and market share, which in turn will have a significant impact on the industry.

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    Well done:

    With excellent team, outstanding performance, first-class products and services, high level of health, safety and environmental protection, good social responsibility and reputation, we are highly respected by the society and highly recognized by customers and employees.

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    Establish core competitiveness, continuously consolidate the advantages of the market and form a business model with long-term vitality. Ultimately, we must establish a sound internal operation mechanism and an external ecological environment to support the long-term goal of sustainable development.

    Entrepreneurial spirit

    Professional collaboration dedication

    Fushengda from the market competition, learned from the professionalism; from the team building, learned the spirit of synergy; from the red genes, learned from the dedication. This is the style and behavior style that all Fustec people should share.


    Professionalism is a working attitude that embodies Fosunard's focus on lean, efficiency and excellence. It requires us to:

    Proficient in their jobs, competent positions, rigorous and meticulous, excellence.

    Love work, devote all his efforts, efficient and high quality, leading innovation.

    Action learning, continuous improvement, better ourselves, the pursuit of excellence.

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    Synergy is an organizational capability that embodies Fosunde's focus on teamwork, inclusion and win-win situations and requires us to:

    Into the team, willing to share, mutual trust, honor and sharing.

    Open tolerance, respect for differences, treat each other honestly, adult beauty.

    Appreciate each other, simple and transparent, cooperation and complementarity, cooperation and win-win situation.

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    Dedication is a spiritual realm, which reflects Fu Shengda's dedication, commitment and passion. It requires us to:

    Inheritance of culture, keep in mind the mission, devotion to dedication, dedication and dedication.

    The overall situation, the courage to play, organizations first, not for personal gain.

    Sunshine up, hard work ahead, lead by example, keep the passion.

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    In addition to the above five major cultural elements, we also use the following as a slogan for the Fosun Culture Promotion:

    Keep a new, right way Zhiyuan

    Stands like mountains, road water

    Work with you to change your life

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    Fu Shengda new cultural concept of the system is Fushengda based on the growth of enterprises in history, and actively respond to environmental changes, take the initiative to meet the challenges of the future thinking of the outcome; is business units at all levels to carry out management, improve rules and regulations, the development of codes of conduct, the implementation of social Responsibility, and promotion of brand image. It is a programmatic document that all Fustec employees must fully understand and recognize ideologically and abide by in their actions. It is the guiding principle for all enterprises to unify their thinking, build consensus, inspire morale and morale banner.

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    Looking forward to the future, we believe that as long as all Fustec people always cherish the solemn mission of "leading the business progress and create a better life", they are determined to abide by the values of "honesty and trustworthiness, performance orientation, people oriented, innovation and development" Strong, bigger, better and longer "philosophy of development, and vigorously promote the" pragmatic, professional, synergy, dedication, "the entrepreneurial spirit, we will be able to reach an early" public trust and love of the global business, "the grand vision, Achieve evergreen, build century-old.


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